The SEENLANDMARATHON is one of the most beautiful running events in Bavaria. Half an hour from Nuremberg, the event starts in Pleinfeld and leads you directly to the unique waterside of the lake „Brombachsee“. The lovely town of Pleinfeld with its familial atmosphere is the perfect location to feel comfortable. The next SEENLANDMARATHON is taking place on September, 16th/17th 2017.

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Unique features of the SEENLANDMARATHON are its appealing course and the cosy atmosphere. All around the naturally beautiful lake, there is a wonderful scenic landscape. During the event there are plenty of music groups and spectators to cheer. It is a race to remember.

At the event area there is a cosy tent where you can get traditional Bavarian food and of course Bavarian beer. Entertaining music and shows will make your day!

Young and old will find their race. Adults can run the marathon distance (42,195 km), but have several alternatives like the half marathon (21,1 km), the (nordic) walking course (21,1 km), the hobby run (5,2 km) or the marathon-relay (42,195 km fot 2-6 runners). For youths and children we offer various distances from 300 m to 5,2 km.

see laecheln

Together with your team, colleagues, friends and family you can participate as a relay. Two to six runners share the marathon-distance (42,195 km). Marathon-relays compete in following classes: Men, Women, Mixed (min. 30 % women), Seniors (born 1967 and older) and companies.

Discipline Distance
Year of birth
Bambini run 300 m Born 2010 and younger (until 7 years)
Kids run 1,5 km Born 2011 until 2004 (6 until 13 years)
Hobby run 5,2 km Born 2005 and older (from 12 years)
(Nordic) Walking 21,1 km * Born 2001 and older (from 16 years)
Half marathon 21,1 km * Born 2001 and older (from 16 years)
Marathon 42,195 km * Born 1999 and older (from 18 years)
Marathon-relay 42,195 km *

Born 2001 and older (from 16 years)

On Saturday the 16th the bambini-run and the fringe events have priority beginning at 15:00 PM. On Sunday the 17th September the event starts at 07:00 AM. After picking up your starter-set between 07:00 - 11:00 AM the marathon will start at 09:00 AM.

SLMsmall 20.09.2015 Jürgen Somann 238 von 619

Saturday: 15.00 - 19.00 Fair
  Starterset giving out & late registration
  Pasta party
  Performances and shows
Bambini run
                18.30 Meet & greet of the Pacemaker
                19.30 Evening program
Sunday:    7.00 - 11.00 Starterset giving out & late registration

                 7.00 - 16.00

  Performances and shows
  Victory ceremony
START Marathon
                  9.05 START Marathon-relay
START Kids run
START Hobby run
START Half marathon
                11.10 START (Nordic) Walking
                15.00 Closing time of the runs
                  after that Draw of the jackpot

On the course and all around we will care well. You get drinks and food at the supply stations. Thanks to our partners and the volunteers!

Station Number Position (Kilometer M) Whater Iso Cola Fruit Bar Gel 0%Beer
1 Hauptdamm (3,2) X            
2/8 Arche Allmannsdorf (4,9 / 23,0) X X   X X    
3/9 Enderndorf (9,1 / 27,2) X X   X X X  
4/10 Vorsperrdamm A (11,8 / 29,9) X X          
5/11 Vorsperrdamm B (14,8 / 32,9) X            
6/12 Ramsberg (18,2 / 36,3) X X X X X X  
7/13 Ecke Hauptdamm (21,1 / 39,2) X X X X X   X
14 Ziel (42,195) X X X X X   X

SLMsmall 20.09.2015 Jürgen Somann 70 von 619

Not only pro runners can enjoy the fantastic landscape around the „Brombachsee“. Rather everyone can be part of the SEENLANDMARATHON with its spectacular atmosphere and great location.

How to register for the SEENLANDMARATHON? Either you register yourself here or you download the application form and send it back to us until September 3rd. You can transfer the organization fee to our account or pay via PayPal. Notice that you will pay less the earlier you complete your registration. The registration will be confirmed by email. The starting list will be published on the website and updated regularly.

Registration fees:

  Registration until


31.12. 26.03. 25.06. 03.09. On site
Bambini run 3,- € 4,- € 5,- € 6,- € 8,- € -
Kids run 5,- € 6,- € 8,- € 10,- € 12,- € 1,- €
Hobby run 8,- € 9,- € 11,- € 13,- € 15,- € 1,- €
(Nordic) walking 20,- € 22,- € 25,- € 30,- € 35,- € 1,- €
Half marathon 22,- € 25,- € 28,- € 32,- € 40,- € 1,- €
Marathon 32,- € 35,- € 38,- € 42,- € 50,- € 1,- €
Marathon-relay 60,- € 62,- € 65,- € 70,- € 80,- € 1,- €

The organizational contribution includes the following services :

  • Personalized bib with your first name
  • Starters´ set with event booklet and various extras of sponsors
  • Voucher for the pasta party (Saturday)
  • Provisions on the course and at the finish
  • Pacemaker-Service
  • Finisher medal
  • Heat foil at the finish (in case of cold weather)
  • Massage after the race (for half marathon distance or longer run)
  • Showers and changing possibility
  • Baggage Drop
  • Electronic timekeeping
  • Chance of winning the gassroot price
  • Free entry to the outdoor pool on Saturday and Sunday
  • Free parking
  • "NEWCOMER-Shirt" for all kids (only Bambini and Kids run)

Additional goodie in the marathon :

  • Exclusive souvenir gift for all marathon heros

Optional services:

  • Official event shirt of high-quality and functional material during the registration at the special price of 19.90 €. Remainders are offered at the event weekend for 24.90 € for sale .
  • Launch site insurance

Changes in order to the registration must be requested by e-mail (until September, 3rd). Basically participants can not get any refund, but you can insure the fees with an insurance for € 5.00 (for the marathon relay it costs € 10.00). With this insurance the participants will get back the fees in case of illness, injury or pregnancy.

Participants at SEENLANDMARATHON agree to the general privacy policy of OAI / Baboons events .

All participants take part at their own risk on the event. They bear the sole civil and criminal responsibility for any damage caused by their own. With signing up all participants renounce for all the costs associated with the event suffered accidents or damage to any right of action or recourse against all parties in the implementation of the event  in particular against

  • the organizer , its agents and helpers
  • the / the owner of the used footprint of the event , as well structural works and equipment on site, against the operator for the uses routes and its its agents and helpers
  • the promoter



















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